UTQ - Thread trimmer for coverstitch machines, with advanced anti-unravel function

The device makes “Q-finish” and stop unravel of seam from end.  You can eliminate tacking operation, which limits garments' elasticity, gives uncomfort to the consumers and threaten manufacturers with the risk for needle breakage. 

Security of the “Q-finish” has been proved by authorized testing labs and even several apparel companies.
NB5100VC - Automatic button + counter button sewing and neck wrapping machine

As pioneer of this kind of machine, we upgraded our button sewer, which offers you really high quality finish. 

Also, the machine can attach button + counter button and neck wrapping in a single cycle.
NSW - The 3rd generation heat bonding technology

YAMATO goes beyond sewing! 

Combination of new heat bonding technology, which has no heat emission, intermittent differential feeding and sewing machine housing comes to user-friendly bonding machine, especially for knits.